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Coming To Centre, An Invitation

Coming to Centre, an Invitation

Invitation to Join
A Foundation Course, in Rudolf Steiner’s Path of Awakening.

Knowledge, Practices, Applications.

A one-year course, guiding you in finding, opening and occupying your own centre in this turbulent modern world.

What are you looking for?

How is your life going?

Are you attaining what you set out to?

Spiritual development is hard work. This is not an invitation to float through some delicious consumer-spiritual-experience. We will all meet ourselves in both loving and challenging ways on this course, tutor and pupil. The best parts will be a deeper understanding of just how lovable we really are, of just how clearly our light can shine, making the world better for other people. The other bits will allow us to clear out our cellars, disposing of some bits we find and putting others to work.

Finding and activating one’s centre opens the door between this life and our higher life as spirit-beings that sought incarnation. Developing and honing the skills of bringing our true self closer and closer to our daily life is the subject of this course. Rudolf Steiner’s vision of the true nature of our universe, of our history and our beliefs/mythologies offer a solid alternative to the materialistic dogmas of scientism, materialistic/surface-vision histories, and religions as power-structures. Add to this cosmology his practical steps in building the temple of the self in service to our higher aims and nature, as well as his hints towards each one finding their destiny and purpose, and we have a threefold tool to ground and orientate our lives towards achieving what we chose birth in order to achieve.

The course will be based on questions. Living from our questions is the direct way to enlightenment and to serving gifts-to-the-world that we are born to bring. Balancing this open approach with some structure, we will take Steiner’s Foundation Stone meditation as the core from which to build. Given near the end of his life as the basis for a renewed Anthroposophical Society, it contains everything we need to understand his entire cosmology, his recommended path of development and his hints on how to find and manifest our own, personal destiny.

The course will be committed and closed, allowing us to build community amongst ourselves, and discover how valuable is the mirror of friendship and trust, in discovering our own value and opportunities.

Structured over 10 weekends from Sept 24/5  2022, to June 24/5 2023.
From 10AM Saturday through to 3.30pm the Sunday.
4th weekend in each month excepting December. A New Year’s Eve/Day meeting is proposed, but can be discussed once group is running.
We will prepare our own meals together as part of the course, learning about nutrition and food-preparation as an intrinsic part of Coming to Centre.

The venue in South Devon is convenient to the road and the rail network. Van/camping onsite is possible. Local B&B is also available and there will be some available rooms within my friends-network.

Cost: In order to keep this affordable, and to emphasize that community is the New Way, I am dividing costs into two parts. The structural cost of offering the course is expected to be around £540 for the full three-term course, depending on how many sign up. This is payable with booking. Beyond that, I am looking for donations to empower the future of the course. I am happy to make this flexible and connected to your conscience, but I would also like to set a range within which I feel comfortable and considered. Please allow for something between £15 and £40 per day, depending on your means. This is payable at the end of each weekend.

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Tobias Kaye is a third generation Anthroposopher, Michael Hall, Emerson College, Worshipful Company of Turners, founder of the historically unique Sounding Bowls. Tobias has led personal development courses in Europe and the USA and, more recently on Zoom.

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