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Books For Coming To Centre.

Books for Coming to Centre.

Coming to Centre

Literature for Coming to Centre

What brought you to Anthroposophy?
Frequently it is a question that brings us. Often a non-verbal one. Maybe your children need Waldorf education, introducing you to the source. For others, it might be the death of a parent or friend that poses the question: What happens next? Maybe you felt a hole in your life and looked around for what might fill it. Whatever your route in, you may find that Rudolf Steiner addresses your questions directly, in the sciences, the arts, in personal development or the social questions. This way in might lead you to your most valuable book.

Apart from that, I am hoping to cover the basic cosmology of time and space as portrayed in Occult Science, the key elements of how thinking creates freedom from The Philosophy of Freedom, the basic structure of the human being from Theosophy and the guidance and intervention of the Christ being from The Fifth Gospel. You can buy these new or used. You can borrow them from the Steiner House Library or you can listen online.

The Foundation Stone meditation is the key point, that Rudolf Steiner laid to support ALL Anthroposophic work. This meditation contains the threads of all that supports and calls us, as members of this spiritual community (‘group of Michael-inspired souls.’) Our continual return to this as a baseline and touchstone for our work together will guide us into whatever other areas of this work we need to research. The summary and commentary of this work by Steiner’s colleague, Emmichoven, is excellent. Here:

Beyond this and extremely valuable is the world of myth and fairytale. Grimms, and the Andrew Lang collections are powerful resources of wisdom. Like dreams their images feed into our ability to understand, beyond the head, what life is offering and demanding of us. Among these we will focus on the Parzival myth in particular. Please feel free to bring your favourite fairytale or take a look at this interpretation of Snow White

Apart from what I can present to you as precis’ and summary of these cosmic imaginations, it is valuable to return to the horse’s mouth. All the books above are available as online readings, also on YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms. Some people prefer to have physical copies, enabling one to pause, contemplate and return to the words without even intending to do so. Some people like to notate the margins, insert coloured bookmarks or otherwise facilitate repeated reading. Other’s prefer to listen while working or working out. The links above are to a variety of sources. What matters is only that you bring your focus to expanding your vision of the mystical/Rosicrucian/Anthroposophic image of the world we live in.

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