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Coming To Centre.

Coming to Centre.

A Foundation Course in Anthroposophy

Knowledge, Practices, Applications.

Prospectus for a 1-year course, guiding you in finding, opening and occupying your own centre in this turbulent modern world. (view the invitation to join)

How do we understand, relate to and engage with THIS experience?
This experience of   Being,   –  Here,   –  Now,   –   In this world?


In order to explain how this course will bring us each to the essential meaning of our own journey, each of us, individually, I need to use words. The course itself is not about words/concepts, it is about coming to the centre of the experience of being human.


Of all the experiences we meet through being alive, the most profound is meeting another human being. If we remain open to all our experiences, we may notice that all the Joy and the Struggle of becoming who I truly Am is focussed on This meeting.


The course will activate this key element of Community: Learning through Being. Together, we will engage in various tasks in the light of  “What experience does this create in me?”


True, deep sharing of these experiences will enable us to meet ourselves in the mirror of each other’s “me” as complement and enhancement of meeting it in me, myself.


Rudolf Steiner’s cosmology creates in us an experience of deepening this experience of now. In order that we do not spin out into the head I intend to offer short blocks to precis the major points of this cosmology. Our presence in, and relationship with TIME, with SPACE and this BODY of 5 or 12 senses is a cosmology large enough o offer a complete alternative or complement to the cosmology dominant today of limitless galaxies set withing billions of years. The  modern view spins us out of our true centre, offering no concept of why about anything. Steiner’s cosmology offers to relocate us in the centre and facilitate the very reason we chose life: – To experience ourselves as a centre of consciousness, a centre of our world, enabling responsibility.


To help us absorb and digest concepts as vast as a whole cosmology without falling into intellectual -default mode, these sessions will be framed by others in which we move our bodies, engage with nature or with art, prepare food and eat together. In this way the course aims to help you integrate Head, Heart and Hands as co-respondents in discovering: “How do I maximise this experience of being Human, of being me?”


The Foundation Stone meditation contains the seeds of all of this.  Germinating these seeds will be the joy and the harvest.


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Tobias Kaye is a third generation Anthroposopher, Michael Hall, Emerson College, Worshipful Company of Turners, founder of the historically unique Sounding Bowls. Tobias has led personal development courses in Europe and the USA and, more recently on Zoom.

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