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Stories For France

Stories for France




March 2016 Newsletter


Reviewing the workshop:

Healing Your Journey with Story and Sound 

March 19/20

Paul Jackson Drawing out our stories and  Weaving the Magical space

Tobias Telling Sound-stories

 “I was mesmerised by the power of story to reveal our hidden traumas and point a way into the dark depths of the subconscious. 

Deliciously important stuff!

Added to that, Paul has such a gentle way of crystallising the issue, that it can be unravelled and worked with.

I have fallen in Love with Story Telling.”

Jenny Chapman

“…incredibly spiritually nourishing and transformative.”

Su Squire

The Life-Story Workshop was…

Turning corners

Seeing vistas

Hopeful places

Changing Graces

Sounds of future


From well-worn songs

To graceful places

Story days

And nights

Are changing

Lighting lamps

For coming home.


“Holding it in the home of Sounding Bowls was magic. Don’t ever move it!”

Meals around the workshop stove, music, story, sharing lives. Finding Ways to grow and change, steering our ships towards our Home.

Join us in 2017

Retreat to the Sun



The joy and deep satisfaction that people got from our Story weekend makes me even more keen to invite you on the French retreat.  Five days doing  ‘Awaken the Language of the Heart‘  near Bordeaux, France, in the beautiful ‘French Retreat‘ centre.  This will be a deeply relaxing retreat in the sun with Sounding Bowls and Phonetic sound-healing while awakening the ‘Listening Field‘  that brings peace to all other aspects of life.

During this retreat expect to discover wonderful new ways of keeping the gentle conversation with your own true nature open and alive.

Come away rested, restored and ready for truly open hearted living.

Book Now:


Sounds and sweet peace in the Sun.

Read More:

Early Bird Special

Book before Tobias turns 60, get £60 off!

only £490

before 5th April 2016

Gardening for the Heart Chakra

 Book Now:


Time to buy your own bowl

Reports from new owners:

I am very excited about my journey with my bowl. I have found over the weekend that when I start to play I do not want to stop, the sounds are beautiful and playing slowly and quietly is so so nourishing!


“The resonance is just Absorbing!”  Judith and Peter Denny collect their Sounding Bowls.  Professional musicians for a lifetime, the “Jupeter Duo” consists of Peter on piano and Judith as Mezzo Soprano. Here they are playing their new Sounding Bowls together in the Sounding Bowls Studio Playroom.Visit the Studio

Detail of the tuning system on Judith’s Heart Bowl.

Peter’s Walnut Bowl has a wonderful flare in the grain.


Share the joy

Training new makers

Nicholas Gary from Maine, USA did a few days try-out at the Studio last week. Nicholas is a skilled joiner and trained sound healer, skills he hopes to combine in becoming a Sounding Bowl maker. The hope is that he can bring his wife and 3 yr old over in September to begin the full apprenticeship program.


Joe watches the quality of his shavings as he shapes a fresh piece of Cherry.  If the shavings dance with joy the wood is enjoying the cut and will finish clean.

The correct tool angle for this is very precise and changes moment by moment with the wood. Finding this also creates the quality of the experience and the atmosphere in the workshop. If the wood is cut with real care everyone enjoys their day.  Shaping the bowl with care for each cut honours the Presence of Tree in the wood and fills the very substance of each bowl with love.

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