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Meditation Bowl in Sycamore


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5 string meditation Bowl in Sycamore.

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Meditation Bowls are structured to enrich this practice. The form of the bowl enfolds itself with the outside rolling in to meet the inside without a distinct ‘rim’ like our awareness in a meditation enfolds our sense of self without the ego-projection we need to feel ourselves in everyday life. The strings then lead from the inside to the outside reflecting how meditation forms a link between the creative within and the Creator of All.

This is a five string Meditation Bowl made from a famous Sycamore who, having a stream emerging from between her roots characterises the Mother aspect of the eternal Goddess of Life. Sycamore has a strong generative nature and jovial sound linking this tree with Jupiter. The tree dropped a limb in 2013 from which this bowl was made. The instrument you hear here remains linked to this living tree.

This bowl was made by the award winning Sky Brierley. It sold in late 2019. I am presently working on a similar one in Hawthorn – tree of the heart, rare in sizes large enough for music.

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