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Lyre Bowl in Sycamore – 19 string


Bowl #472

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The sound of such a large Lyre Bowl is powerful, it fills a rooom with ease and lasts for minutes after being played. It can be felt deep into the body. The sound of Sycamore is strong and holding. This tree’s energy is Jupiter, Sacred Mother. The feeling is of receiving a warm blessing. Together they create an instrument with deep healing powers.

A bowl of this type is typically kept in a “Gong tuning” such that a simple sweep across the strings releases the full resonance and harmony. The sound sample below begins that way, then individual notes are picked out, all within the harmonic tuning. The “full scale” tuning is an F-Major scale with all seven diatonic notes, giving two full octaves plus one third. The manual also shows you how to tune minor scales and ancient modes, including the popular middle-eastern Hijaz mode.

As with all larger Sounding Bowls this one comes with a hard case, soft lined and padded as well as an auto-tuner and manual. The bowl is 66cm (26″) across and weighs 2.6kg

As a personal music-maker, this instrument can lead you into harmonies, inwardly and outwardly, that take you to new levels of development. The sound invites you to sing or tone into here as you play. doing so creates a wonderfully powerful blend of string-sound and voice that can be felt deep into one’s own body.

As a sound-healing tool this size of Lyre Bowl is a powerful tool, it can help your clients to ground and to centre themselves in profound and gentle ways. Particularly good at the end of a gong-bath. In the right situation, I am told by people using these, you can achieve more in 15 minutes than a gong might do in 45. Strings touch the heart in ways other instruments cannot.

This is a rare bowl, coming from the only still-living-tree we have made bowls from.  I took this one the 250mile trip to meet her mother. There is always a distinct feeling of recognition in both bowl and tree when she meets her musical children. At 0ver 260yrs old she is far older than most sycamores ever get, and much too large to include in any photo that also shows a bowl. On that trip I took no photos, but included here is an image of her main trunk with a smaller bowl, also from her wood.

This instrument has seen light usage but remains in as-new condition. Strings were all new in June 2023. New price would be £5000 or more. A rare chance to save on an exceptional instrument.

472 minor     


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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 635 × 635 × 150 cm
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