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Lyre Bowl in Yew


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Large Lyre Bowls like this are generally tuned to harmonics and function like a gong giving out a big sound that vibrates right into the body re-harmonising stressed areas and changing the way we feel about ourselves and the world. Everything looks different after a sound-bath with such a bowl. In the sound sample below this bowl has been tuned to an E minor scale giving a powerful grounding in the dominant harmonic with three strings tuned to B.
Energetically Yew wood is exceptional. The oldest genus of tree with many examples known to be thousands of years old Yew is neither conifer nor broadleaf. With edible fruits and poisonous seeds and an ability to come back from the dead unlike any other tree Yew is the stuff of legend, chosen by the ancients for their most powerful tree-henges, the living version of the longer lasting Stonehenges still visible today.
Finding fallen Yew trees large enough for this kind of instrument is not easy and several days of enquiry and journeys were necessary before we got this piece. When we do find Yew it most often has features in the wood that make it unsuitable for an instrument, bark inclusions or heart-shake splits. Enjoy then the rarity of this piece. Rich warm oranges and even a magenta blush in the centre make it a very special Lyre Bowl, even before you sound it.
Make by Wilfred here in the original Sounding Bowls studio this instrument comes cased.

605 click to play harmonic     

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Dimensions 73 × 73 × 20 cm


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