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Melody Bowl Lime


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Bowl 611 ~ 12 string.

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Melody Bowls in this 12-string size are the bards of the Sounding Bowl world. Light-weight and easy to hold up while performing, with a good vocal range.

This example, in Lime, is extremely rare We usually only do lime to commission. It is smaller than standard, less than 48cm across, making it ideal for those without the long arms required for the usual (52cm) 12 string bowl.

Lime trees, Tilia spp. Also known as Linden or, in North America, as Basswood are most well known for their flowers, used as a tea to calm digestion and aid sleep. This calming nature runs right through every element of the tree, from the smooth, gentle but steady texture of the wood to the feeling of it’s sound.

Not connected with the citrus fruit, Lime trees are named after the Laima, the Baltic goddess of luck, children and motherhood. Her gentle munificence and peace-bringing nature is said to be why Berlin replanted the avenue of  Lime trees that gives the name to their main street, “Unter den Linden.” Laima bears a similarity to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

The extreme peace-ableness of Sounding Bowls made from this wood is particularly valued by Ramon Floride who made this one at his Salzburg studio in Austria. Ramon was the first to achieve a certificate as a registered Sounding Bowl maker and worked with Tobias over four years, winning a prize at a top UK show while here.

The lyre bowl in this set can be tuned to a single harmonic chord such that drawing one’s finger across the strings produces a rich harmonic sound like stroking a gong does. It can also be tuned to a scale, eastern, western, modern or ancient. The tuning chart shows you how to achieve each of these and the sound samples below give you two of the ten options.

The Melody Bowl has the same intense peaceful gentleness. This string-pattern is favoured by western musicians and therapists as more intuitive for picking out tunes. The sound sample gives you an taste of one minor setting, playing Aeolian within a Phrygian tuning.

This bowl comes in a leaf-greeny hard-case with a soft-cushioned red velour lining, complete with tuning handle and auto-tuner.


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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 57 × 57 × 12 cm


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