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Lyre Bowl in Ash – Gong style


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19 strings, #635

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Big Lyre Bowls tuned to the harmonic chord in these sound samples below offer extremely effective sound healing/therapy.
Gong therapists who use them have repeatedly said to me that they can often achieve in a few minutes what might take an hour with a gong.
The repeating notes, each one a harmonic of the others remind the body of it’s true and healthy forms. The overtone patterns of the Fibonacci reflector provide a level of sound-richness not found in other instruments. It is as though the intensity of a gong were combined with the refined tuning of a harp. One doctor said to me that with the body’s own structures being built around Fibonacci patterns this sound may even be helping to rebuild damaged nerve pathways. Be that as it may, there is a clear change of feeling after a few minutes of being immersed in this sound.

This 19 string size is less common than the 17 or 21 string sizes so even though this one is sold to a pioneering sound therapist in Wisconsin I will be leaving it up here as an example, to let you know we can make you one in this size if you desire it.

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635 click to play minor     
635 click to play major     


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