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Lyre Bowl in Ash – 15string


Bowl #684

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The sound of a large Lyre Bowl is powerful and can be felt in the body even if you are not touching the wood. The sound of Ash is energetic, it speaks with the voice of the sacred masculine into our deep-self. Together they create an instrument with deep healing powers. Specifically to our courage and focus.

This piece of ash appears to have had barbed wire grown into it, as often happens when farmers use available trees in place of putting in posts for a fence. The black patches are iron-reaction and the crazy-contour lines are where fungus entered the wound. Now dry, all that is inert and adds to this piece the beauty that overcoming difficulties can create.

The two sound samples show different ways the bowl can be tuned. Most people keep them in the “Gong” or arpeggio tuning,  where a simple strum from one side to the other releases powerful harmonies and every note you pick is in a rich harmonic relationship with every other note. The “full scale” tuning is a C-Major scale with all seven diatonic notes giving two full octaves. The manual also shows you how to tune minor scales and ancient modes, including the popular middle-eastern Hijaz mode.

As with all larger Sounding Bowls this one comes with a hard case, soft lined and padded as well as an auto-tuner and manual.

As a personal music-maker this instrument can lead you into harmonies, inwardly and outwardly, that take you to new levels of development.

As a sound-healing tool this can help your clients to ground and to centre themselves in profound and gentle ways. Particularly good at the end of a gong-bath. In the right situation, you can achieve more with a Sounding Bowl in 15 minutes than a gong might do in 45.

Here, tuned to a single sweep.

684 sounds, gong-tuning     

and Below, tuned to a C scale.

684 sounds, diatonic     

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