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Lyre Bowl in Apple


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Bowl #700

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Lyre Bowls have their strings laid out in a fan pattern. Apart from the visual beauty, this gives a strong, radiant sound with more complex overtones than a Melody Bowl. The deepest note is placed centrally, with higher notes alternating left and right towards the outer edge of the bowl, (similar to many African instruments.) This throws one out of the usual European concept of “linear tune” and creates a space for much freer improvisation. Superficially similar to a Hermetic Bowl, Lyre Bowls have firmer notes due to the strings passing through the wall at both ends.

In this seven-string model the notes, tuned to ancient Pentatonic intervals, open up the spaces of the Celtic tradition, connecting us to the wilds of the herding/fishing lifestyle so far from the safety of modern life.

Apple rarely grows large enough for Sounding Bowls. It gives a sweet clarity to the sound. Made by Ramon in Austria from a tree near to his Salzburg workshop, this is a particularly well-balanced, and sweet sounding example of the type. It would be perfect for use in pregnancy or with young children.
Ramon graduated the makers training in 2013, He was the first to train with Tobias.

An optional case is available with this bowl. The sale price reflects the cost without a case.


700 Click to play Apple Lyre7     

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 14 cm


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