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Heart Bowl in Walnut


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11 Strings. Sounding Bowl 703


Heart Bowls have the richest, most intimate sound while also being the lightest in weight of our designs. Their depth draws the eye, as their sound draws the heart.

This 11-string instrument gives a range of notes that allows both modern and ancient tunings, many shown in the manual. Walnut has tribal-elder energies, quiet, wise and loving.  The combination of this wood with this shape gives exceptional warmth, adding rich depths to each note.  The manual provided with this instrument guides you through various tunings, including the very gentle Celtic Pentatonic, an ancient tuning that sings to the inner child in young and old.

This is a “Cathedral Bowl. Not all trees develop tone-wood. Not all cuts produce the finest harmonies. Certain pieces of certain trees sing-out in ways that others can merely dream of.  Occasionally a tree comes our way that offers a few pieces of truly outstanding harmonics. Patterns in the wood point our way, careful cuts lead us in. Final sorting reveals potential. Experienced making brings out the very best. This is one of those that offers such a huge, harmonic resonance that we call them Cathedral Bowls.

Made by Joe in our Devon Studios.


Listen in F major scale

Click to play F-major     

Listen in a Hebridean pentatonic

Heart Bowl sound     

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 25 cm


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