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Making The Maker (Part 2)

Making the Maker (Part 2)

It’s amazing to think that almost a year ago, my family and I were getting on a plane to the UK. With little more than hope and excitement in our luggage, we shipped off to begin another new adventure. Where our previous ventures had been products of our transient nature, this journey had purpose; a germination of a seed which would take root in our hearts. One that continues to grow and will soon come to fruition as Sounding Bowls USA.

Training under Tobias Kaye and Joe Hornby in the Sounding Bowls workshop was an incredible experience, one which I will hold loving memories of for a lifetime. We had the pleasure of staying a short walk from the workshop. Each morning I walked the frost covered path down the hill, admiring the shapes of the foliage and the tranquility of the English farmland. This ambulation gave me time each morning to prepare for the training which was to follow. A moment to calm the mind, breath deep, and awaken the presence which is necessary to hone this craft.

Finding the bowl within the wood

I was completely new to turning when I arrived in England for our initial visit in March of 2016. Tobias provided time to experiment on the lathes and get a feel for what turning was on a fundamental level. I became immediately hooked. I love the feeling of the gouge skating across the tuning wood, and the sounds that arise as it slices though the grain. I marveled at the different patterns that are revealed from deep within the wood, and how the slightest adjustments in position and mental focus alter the cut.

Nick assessing the outer curve


Upon our return in the fall, we moved into developing the skills of a master woodturner, those which Tobias has acquired over a lifetime of experience. The training also focused on form, and how it creates feelings which reflect in our being. I began to realize how the shape and composition of each Sounding Bowl contribute to the quality of their sound, their effectiveness as a healing instrument, and how the character of each tree can be felt and heard though its wood.  



I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to help bring these instruments into the world. After almost 6 months, we’re getting close to starting production in our US workshop, so stay tuned for updates and photos of our progress. If you have any questions, would like to visit the workshop, or would like to commission a bowl of your own, feel free to contact us at

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