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First Steps- Making The Maker

First Steps- Making the Maker

Two years ago, in the midst of my initial sound therapy trainings, I was introduced to a man who would open a door to another world.

I had been searching for a way to coordinate my creative capacities and love of woodworking with my musical inclinations, and it seemed fated that I should come across Tobias Kaye and the Sounding Bowls. I was immediately enamored with the richness of the harmonics that flowed from these instruments, and the subtlety and beauty of their form.

After some discussion and a weekend of Awakening the Heart, Tobias offered me the opportunity to become an apprentice maker in his workshop, and the path unfolded from there…

We are currently working on the Sounding Bowls US studio-workshop and Sound-room. This is the first Sounding Bowls studio-workshop outside of Europe and I am very excited to be breaking new ground in the US in this way.

We anticipate that new Sounding Bowls will be flowing from this my studio this fall.
Here on this site you can follow developments, stay informed of upcoming events, and browse the stock of Sounding Bowls already held in the US.

Thank you to everyone who has invested their loving support in this work. If you would like to pre-order a Sounding Bowl from our workshop please ">get in touch.

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