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Bridging Bowl

Bridging Bowls

The Bridging Bowl has two fans of strings, one above the other. These interact giving intense harmonic richness with truly exceptional overtone patterns adding a bell like clarity out of all proportion to the instrument’s size. The deepest note sits in the centre of the Bowl, with the higher notes alternating across the left and right string sets to complete the scale; it can be made with between 10-22 strings in total.

The crossover string pattern is complimented by having dark pegs on one side and light pegs on the other. Strings on the light side have their roots in the dark whilst those played on the dark side are rooted in the light. Harmony arises through playing both light side and dark. Symbolically, the contrasting peg colours emphasise the work of the Bridging Bowl to heal division by opening the heart and crossing the threshold between the two hemispheres of our Being.

“The human being is divided against himself. Indecision, self criticism, inconsistency, lack of integrity are all minor symptoms of the huge inner battle. A battle that also underlies all progress, development and creativity. At this difficult point in Human evolution the battles and divisions in the world at large arise from playing out the inner struggles of every human soul. When we begin to become aware of our personal chasm, our personal soul-division we begin the process of building bridges between our disparate longings. Ultimately these bridges enable us to become fully human. These bridges are our gift to the world.” - TK

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