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Unlocking the Mystery of Sounding Bowls

Sunday, June 23,  2024

This course is arranged for you to discover for yourself how deeply Sounding Bowls work, how easy they are to play.
Each Mystery Day is created around those who come, but we will be exploring the history of Sounding Bowls, the impact of the six different types and the sounds of the different woods within the sound of any given bowl.

We will also look at why some people choose Melody Bowls, some Lyre Bowls, or Heart Bowls and how the tension between light and dark in a Bridging Bowl profoundly affects the way people hear them.

We may explore the seven ancient modes in music and the mood of celebration or delight, despair or success inherent in each one.

We will discover what happens when you blend your voice into the sacred-spiral curve of the Sounding Bowl resonator, and why Pentatonic tunings are popular with so many who work with children.
You can experience for yourself the Power of a Lyre Bowl in a Sound Bath and you will play as many other Sounding Bowls as you would like to.

We usually also cover a little bit of improvisational music and a few basic therapeutic techniques.

Previous guests have said:
“the day was an initiation”
“I am breathless at the pace of all I have learnt”
“I really enjoyed playing together.”
“A fascinating, stimulating and informative and enjoyable day”

“I feel so blessed to have met your wonderful Sounding Bowls. Works of inestimable value. I felt as though I was with people I have known for a long time. Last night I dreamed of a couple of your creations and I heard the sound… Many, many thanks.”
“As I drove home, I felt this huge rush of energy rising up through my body. I had to pull over as it completely transformed me. The dynamism is still in me today. It was the most powerful experience I have ever had.  I feel the sound-meditation we did, as well as just being with your Bowls released this in me.”

This day will lead you through the Mystery that is Sounding Bowls and help you connect with the remarkable spirit and healing powers that lie behind them. People go away from these days changed. The day is a meditation, sound, image, touch… It is sacred information that unlocks the music that has formed your body, is forming your life. Rhythm, harmony, music, sound are the very structure of the physical reality. Bring yourself into harmony with this and the conflict drops away. Your own personal creative gift manifests in harmony with this world.
–  Tune up your life, starting with a Sounding Bowls day.

Discover just how Spirit works to heal through these instruments, secrets of creation in musical experience, available to you directly through your own, musically-structured body. It makes NO difference if you have felt “just not musical” up until now. Music is not something you have to learn, it is there in you. Play a wide variety of these bowls (there will be many available for you to see, hold and play) and the quality of the sound here will open up your natural music.

You can expect to blow some of your present world views open.

You can expect to find new harmonies vibrating inside you, even days later.

 Timing = 10.00am – 4.30pm.
Venue =  The Workshop 11, Lower Dean,  Dean Prior TQ11 0LS
Capacity = not more than 12

Real “Wellness” is the sort of good health we like to take for granted, the sort of good health that makes us happy and is a baseline goal of all personal spiritual development.
Sounding Bowls are a major support to mental health. They assist in all forms of meditation, from the all-important Presence exercises to deep visualisation and self-awareness/acceptance work.
Sounding Bowls are used in many mental health institutes within the NHS as well as privately and globally.
Sounding Bowls are proud to be supporting the NHS by assisting in wellness and mental health work in many fields.

Because these events depend on holding and playing at least one Sounding Bowl, we will not be moving this event online.


Coffee/Tea’s/Herbal Etc & simple Veggie Lunch all included.

The unpredictability of world events means this may be a rare occasion, so please book early, only 10 places are available.  Lockdowns – see note at base of this page*

Day ticket: – £75

Early bird discount until December 1st: £60

Get your Tickets:
By Email
By Phone: 01364 642 837  LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS on 07538 27 99 99

Next Date: Sunday, June 23, 2024

Day ticket: – £75

Early bird discount, until Easter 2024: £60 – booking details as above.


For further insights into how these workshops affect people, read here:

If you would like personal, 1:1 support with any personal development issue that you feel Presence work, Sound-practice, or self-acceptance/awareness could assist with, please apply for a one-hour session with Tobias using the email link at the top of this page.  Sounding Bowls taught me how to listen. Listening is transformative.
If you already have a Sounding Bowl, this is an advantage, but not an essential condition to any offer.
This is a free offer without conditions or liability of any sort or on any level and offered within the “paying it forward” principle.

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