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Heart Bowl

Heart Bowls

Music is the core beat of the heart, the true source of all our feelings about life. Too often our world is devoid of living, breathing music without which our living self dies.

The Heart is the intimate centre of all our awareness, having its “reasons of which reason knows nothing” - Pascal

In the Heart Bowl there is a part of the shape that is forever out of sight; one can put one’s fingers under the rim but not see what is felt. The intense inwardness of the Bowl’s shape creates a subtle richness in the experience of playing it. Sound is deeply enfolded within the heart of the bowl while still flowing out to the player. This intimate sound is particularly effective in drawing the player into a quiet space and creating inner harmony.

The Heart Bowl can be made with 5 – 15 strings; the special shape of this Bowl requires particular skills in the making and thus embodies the most focussed attention of all our designs. It is our most subtle and emotionally powerful model with a delicacy and tenderness of sound that engenders a heart’s opening while playing.

Valuable to individual and therapists alike.

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