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Melody Bowls

The Melody Bowl is the simplest layout of the Sounding Bowl concept. The sound is clear and richly harmonic with well-defined tones. Easy and versatile to play in improvisation or sheet music, this Bowl has sequential notes and accommodates 7 – 15 strings which run parallel across the major width of the bowl. The smallest, seven string Melody Bowl is approximately 13 inches (32cm) in diameter, popular with neo-natal and early years practitioners and often called a Baby Bowl.

The underneath of a Melody Bowl is texture-carved, by hand, to add an extra dimension tactile beauty to that which moves the eye and ear.

The Melody Bowl is consistently favoured by singers and performers, also by music therapists working in hospitals, hospices, care homes and special needs schools. Reports from these establishments consistently tell us that many individuals, previously unable to respond to music or music therapy, have related deeply with Sounding Bowls. This ease of access to people in suffering means that many music therapists confess that they do not know  how they would still do their work without one.

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