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Meditation bowl

Meditation Bowls

Any Sounding Bowl is an excellent tool for meditation. Meditation Bowls are so named because they are more suited to this use than to performance or therapeutic interventions. The quality of overtones combines with the depth of care and attention that goes into it’s making to provide a powerful focus for the mind, releasing distractions into harmony, bringing the soul to a musical rest.

The Meditation Bowl has a fully rounded shape where the outer face curves over, without a separate rim, and sweeps down to become the inside hollow of the bowl itself. The strings of the Bowl then lead from this inner space to the outside as if to form a link between the spirit in the individual and the Spirit of the Cosmos. The sound of a Meditation Bowl is lustrous yet intimate with a harmony of overtones that adds depth and clarity to meditation practices or therapeutic healing.

The smallest Meditation Bowl is approximately 10 inches in diameter and has 3 strings; a wide range of intervals are possible through the variable tunings of these strings. The Meditation Bowl can also be made with 5 or 7 strings offering a still greater range of harmonics.

When used with the sample meditations from the Articles section of the website, the Meditation Bowl can be a powerful helper in the quest to quieten the inner realms and reconnect with the true goals & origins of one’s life.

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