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Types of Bowls

There are six types of Sounding Bowl which are fashioned in two shapes with 3 string configurations.

Until the development of the Sounding Bowl, stringed instruments have always had the strings running outside the instrument, usually above a ‘box’ resonator space of one form or another.  Sounding Bowls have the strings inside the resonating space,  an open resonator formed on naturally acoustic curves that amplify the harmonics in any sound.  This makes the Sounding Bowl unique in the history of world musical instruments and gives it a visual aesthetic all of its own. There are no corners or glue joints in a Sounding Bowl, each one is hand sculpted out of a single block of wood with resonant curves and a gently graduating wood thickness from finer than a match in the centre to strong thicker parts that hold the strings. Together these things all give the Sounding Bowl a rich sound quality and a volume out of all proportion to its size.

The personal service we offer encourages our customers to find or commission the type of Bowl that most resonates with their deeper needs or intentions in their choice of size, wood and tuning. In our Shop we have a selection of bowls to choose from. You may also ask for a video chat, attend an event or visit the workshop where we can help you find your best bowl.
Commissioned Sounding Bowls are made with a level of dedication to the customer that can permeate the intention of the user into the fabric of the Bowl itself. Every Sounding Bowl is made with care and attention to the process that are not found in most mode objects today and impart to each one a connection with music and beauty that is unparalleled in any manufacturing process. You do not need any musical skills to play a Sounding Bowl. Simply plucking the strings creates beauty.

Meet the Trees that Sounding Bowls are made from before contacting us to place an order.
We hold an exclusive range of in-house stock which is available for sale online or through our studio.

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