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Hermetic Bowls

The Hermetic Bowl is the most affordable type of Sounding Bowl. It has an open, easy tone that is inwardly affecting and spacious. The strings of the Hermetic Bowl look at first to be arranged like those in the Lyre Bowls, following a radiant pattern with the deepest note in the centre of the bowl, but seen from lower down it becomes obvious that though they also begin inside they rise up across the bowl, connecting direct to the tuning pegs.This makes the sound slightly lighter, with more ‘wow’ or tonal flex. Where the string can be seen as an allegory of human attention/intention this layout implies a more meditative attitude: starting within and rising out to link our personal centre of attention with the Universal Centre of Consciousness.

This Bowl can be made with 5 or 7 strings. It has the wave-form rim and a smooth outside.

Hermes, he of the winged hat and snaky staff, slips through gates that seem locked. Ever the innocent, hidden in crowds, creating moments of magic, he emerges from mayhem on winged heel, laughing. God of healing, communication and commerce, he offers us the simplest insights into the core of transformation; whispering to blessed ears the secrets of becoming.

The Hermetic Bowl is most popular with those seeking to mix meditative practice with simple melodic music making. In therapeutic settings this Bowl accompanies a larger Sounding Bowl or a guitar well, with the potential for therapists and clients to play together.

More about Hermetic Bowls in the Nov 2021 newsletter.

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