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Bridging Bowl in Yew – 22 string


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One last piece only

Available on back-order

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“Available on back order” means that we have the wood put aside, shaped and ready for final cuts and full creation of this bowl. The one you see above is number 660, already out at work and creating a stir in the sound-world.

A Yew wood Bridging Bowl of this size is unbelievably rare. One tree in my lifetime of working special woods have made possible a handful of such bowls.  In 2018 we made a 22string Bridging Bowl in Sycamore. in 2020 we were able to follow it up with this stunning piece. One more is possible, then it’s gone.

Added music to this incredible Yew tree’s experience, transforming her wood into something through which she, herself, can sing, has been a profound experience. Your hands can now release her voice.

Yew is a different to other trees, all of whom are wise advisors. Yew stands beyond the gateway between worlds: Surviving for unknown millennia, capable of regeneration after decades of appearing dead, neither conifer nor broadleaf, she bridges living human souls with the voice of the ancestors.

With three full octaves from C2 to c5 the musical range is extensive. At 64Hz the bottom note is profoundly deep and can be felt in the chest. For those who use sound as a healing power, these lower strings will tune down and the mythically powerful 40Hz can be produced as a sustainable note on the two longest strings.

This is a massive instrument, with prodigious healing potential. As a full time wood-sculptor and instrument builder, I have never seen such a piece of Yew before we got this (wind-felled) tree. This is an unrepeatable chance to acquire a truly unique instrument.  Email me if this is calling you.

Obviously, this is one of our “Cathedral Bowls.   Not all trees develop tone-wood. Not all cuts produce the finest harmonies. Certain pieces of certain trees sing-out in ways that others can merely dream of.  Occasionally a tree comes our way that offers a few pieces of truly outstanding harmonics. Patterns in the wood point our way, careful cuts lead us in. Final sorting reveals potential. Experienced making brings out the very best. This is a leader among those that offer such a huge, harmonic resonance that we call them Cathedral Bowls.

For some idea of the sound, please check out this video of one we did in Sycamore.


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