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Lyre Bowl in Ash


13 string, Bowl 705

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An Ash Lyre Bowl is an entrancing instrument, bringing warmth and harmony in any situation. The sound can be felt in your body, even if you are not touching the wood.  Ash has an energetic sound, it speaks with the voice of the sacred masculine, specifically to our courage and focus. Reverberating into our deep-self. Together they create an instrument with real healing powers.

This piece of ash came from a tree near the studio of Ramon Floride in Salzburg. Ramon trained with Tobias for years before setting up his own workshop in 2016.

The two sound samples show different ways the bowl can be tuned. Most people keep them in the “Gong” tuning,  where a simple strum from one side to the other releases powerful harmonies and every note you pick is in a rich harmonic relationship with every other note. I’ve given you two samples here, one in ‘gong’ tuning, the other tuning in A major. Nearly two octaves of rich tones.

As with all larger Sounding Bowls this one comes with a hard case, soft lined and padded. And an auto-tuner and manual.

This instrument can lead you into harmonies, inwardly and outwardly, that take you to new levels of development. You need no musical training, as each note is beautiful in itself. Just follow the simple steps in our beginners guide.

For therapists, this bowl will help your clients to ground and to centre themselves in profound and gentle ways. Particularly good at the end of a gong-bath.

Click to listen to a single sweep in F major.

705 gong-style     

Click to listen, played in the A major scale, mixolydian mode.

705 mixolydian     

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 635 × 635 × 150 cm
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