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Lyre Bowl in Walnut – 17strings


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As a sound-therapy tool Lyre Bowls are really powerful. What a gong-bath can achieve in an hour can happen within a few minutes with a bowl like this. The advantage of tuned notes is that they touch the innate harmonies that construct the body itself. The chords in this tuning lie within the frequencies of the Fibonacci Sequence, the rules by which the nerves divide and the cells of the body multiply. Sounding this around a body gives a profound and deep experience of refreshment and not uncommonly releases deep-seated emotional tension.

Made in Austria by Ramon Floride, an experienced maker who was the first to complete a training with Tobias this piece is from a tree growing near his workshop. Walnut is like a tribal elder among trees and there is, within its voice a richness of wisdom not found in ‘younger’ trees. Two small splits in the grain have been pinned and filled using a method we developed in 2015 that has proven itself worthy of our lifetime guarantees.

The sound sample below is first strummed then pick played, both in the Dm-dominant chord-tuning. The bowl can also be tuned to a full diatonic, two-octave-plus, scale. The rich depth of this sound comes from a full sized body of nearly 57cm across. Weight is just over 2.4kg when out of its hand made, flight-proof case weighing an extra 4kg


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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 25 cm


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