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Lyre Bowl in Robinia


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7 strings makes for easy play. Tuned in the ancient pentatonic mode of Celtic music, used in the Hebridean tweed weaver’s work-songs right up to the end of the C20th, this bowl is lyrical and sweet with no “wrong notes.”   The sound-sample below shows how simply adding a little rhythm to random notes creates music. Again and again I hear people’s surprise as they say: “Oh, you really don’t need to be ‘musical’ to play this!”

Robinia/Acacia is a tall tree with rough bark and delicate, yellow-green foliage that trembles in even a slight breeze, making it popular in large garden design. Large spines on young growth protect cascades of pea-like flowers in pinks or whites. The wood is a surprising yellow, fading to dark honey-browns over time in sunlight. This tree has allegiances to Mars and Mercury. This gives the sound both strength and a lively delicacy, the two in fine balance. A rare chance, as we have no more of this wood/size available.

This bowl comes in a Ritual Wrap, similar to this example here.
A hard case, similar to this one, is available as an optional extra at £230

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