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Lyre Bowl – Gong-style


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Best Ever Lyre Bowl – 23 string.

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It is hard to describe the size, power and rarity of this instrument.
A new Best-Ever from the original Sounding Bowls workshop and part of our Swan Song series in which we are using the very best pieces of wood in stock before closure. (see our End of an Era video, opens in new tab)
At 72cm or 29″ this is larger than our usual gong-style bowls and has two more strings. We have also introduced a new tuning or note-sequence that emphasises the dominant-fifth interval which gives such a grounding and centring effect in a sound-bath.

Sounding Bowls are well known for the speed and depth of their effect. Taking a person deep within as little as 10 minutes appears to be an effect of the harmonies in the notes with the dominant fifth interval, that is believed to stimulate the foot-sole chakra has unusually powerful effects in an unusually short time.

As a maker, I Tobias have established connections with sawmills and tree surgeons over decades yet I have never handled a piece of Yew with such size and integrity before. I do not expect to see the like in my lifetime.

If your practice has room for an instrument of this power I am happy to give you any support you wish in the sound bath techniques that have proven so effective so far. As tuned-instrument sound baths are relatively new their is immense scope for research and development to take this work further.

comes complete with a wheeled, soft-lined, hard shell flight case.

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