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Forming a Good Life

Incarnation is embodiment is taking on form. Before we are born, we are in the essence of everywhere. Even while incarnate, I still breathe the stars. Night and Day, my spirit expands and contracts like my lungs. To fulfil this…

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A Sketch of my Inner Development.

Image, Family gathering 1999. Tobias centre-left. My Dad, Anthony, is standing in a field. A powerful feeling comes over him: “This is where I’m meant to be!” It’s his first visit to a farm. He’s 7 years old, on holiday…

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Breathe the Stars

Cosmic Rhythms. The I, or Self within, is so much bigger than you guess. It is the cosmic I AM seeking to experience itself through my small body. Alternately, it shrinks or stoops to define itself and discover how separate…

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