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A Sketch of my Inner Development.

Image, Family gathering 1999. Tobias centre-left. My Dad, Anthony, is standing in a field. A powerful feeling comes over him: “This is where I’m meant to be!” It’s his first visit to a farm. He’s 7 years old, on holiday…

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Goodness, Truth and Beauty.

Bringing the Spiritual Search back to Ground Everyone is on a spiritual path. Whether they know it or not, everyone is pursuing goodness, if not truth or beauty. Not all people are "good people" but everyone does want their life…

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Coming to Centre, an Invitation

Invitation to Join A Foundation Course, in Rudolf Steiner's Path of Awakening. Knowledge, Practices, Applications. A one-year course, guiding you in finding, opening and occupying your own centre in this turbulent modern world. What are you looking for? How is…

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Five Celtic Cross Pattern Forming The Lords Prayer

The Lords Prayer and the Celtic Cross

Performing Our Father with the hands as well as the voice. Prayer is one way of relating to the world. In prayer, we bring our desires into relationship with the Gods and spiritual forces of the world. Ritual prayer, such…

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