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Awakening, What is that?

Why “Coming to Centre" ?   During Sounding Bowl courses, people have profound experiences. I first ran a short course in understanding Sounding Bowls during the Sound Healer’s gathering at Hawkwood College in 2009. To everyone’s surprise, the sign-up for…

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A Tiny sample of Feedback from Teaching. I was not going to do a Testimonials page, but in the end it seemed fair. How are people to have any idea what learning with me might be like otherwise? Here are…

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Three Kinds of Truth

How do we Decide what is Actually True   The evolution of humanity is towards a greater and greater integration of Spirit with the World. Incarnating the Cosmic I am more and more deeply into our own bodies, we become…

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Further Inspiration

Why do this course? Meeting another human being is the best, and the most difficult, part of being in this earthly life. In each meeting we can encounter our entire Self, the whole Cosmos, in the mirror of the Other.…

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