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Who Do You Think You Are?

The Shadow and the Self Funny how this question comes over as an insult. What does it mean, that being asked this, challenges our sense that others appreciate us? The truth is, that no matter what you think of yourself,…

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Centre and Periphery

A manifesto for an online group. I find myself within myself. Here, at the core of my heart, is my deepest inner perception of myself. My secret feelings rest, quietly or otherwise, within this feeling-of-myself. Around me I find myself…

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Adding Rhythm to the Day

Love is the motivating force that makes all things possible. Given that you have focussed your vision of the long term aims and goals of this life that you have chosen to live, given that you have discovered your zest…

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Awakening, What is that?

Why “Coming to Centre" ?   During Sounding Bowl courses, people have profound experiences. I first ran a short course in understanding Sounding Bowls during the Sound Healer’s gathering at Hawkwood College in 2009. To everyone’s surprise, the sign-up for…

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