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Cathedral-Quality Cuts

Not all trees develop tone-wood. Not all cuts produce the finest harmonies. Certain pieces, of certain trees, sing-out in ways that others can merely dream of.Occasionally a tree comes our way that offers a few pieces of truly outstanding harmonics.…

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Who Do You Think You Are?

The Shadows, Light/Dark, and the Self "Who do you think you are?" It's Funny how this question comes over as an insult. Why does being asked this, challenge our sense that others appreciate us? The truth is, that no matter…

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Seven Steps to Transubstantiation

Deep Mysteries of existence. The background to what I divine, and share here, lies in my interest in community. The space we create and share between us, deliberately or otherwise is, surely, the space of the Holy Spirit. My discovery…

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Centre and Periphery

A manifesto for an online group. I find myself within myself. Here, at the core of my heart, is my deepest inner perception of myself. My secret feelings rest, quietly or otherwise, within this feeling-of-myself. Around me I find myself…

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