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Goodness, Truth And Beauty.

Goodness, Truth and Beauty.

Bringing the Spiritual Search back to Ground

Everyone is on a spiritual path. Whether they know it or not, everyone is pursuing goodness, if not truth or beauty.
Not all people are “good people” but everyone does want their life to feel good, to improve in some way. – The pursuit of goodness is the first stage.
This pursuit of what we find good leads us into the question of who is asking, who is seeking. That question: ‘Who am I, really?’
At some point, in some life, sooner or later we get to the point where we discover who/what we truly, really are. This realisation is a high point.
Once we know who we are, really, we discover that our path so far has led us up, into a spiritual reality. Now we seek to engage in life in a renewed, re-energised fashion. We seek, now, to bring the gift, and wonder of who we truly are, our god-nature to fruition in life.
The result of this journey is that Beauty begins to flower around us. Our life becomes more beautiful, the lives of those closest to us pick up a pace, love weaves a network amongst what we care for.
Truth, Beauty and Goodness are the head, the heart and the deeds of life. None of them can we own.
– Truth is a constant search, it is as ephemeral as the stars. Once we think we own it, we become despots in one way or another.
– Beauty is what flows through us when we open our heart. It is the Light of that which creates us. When we let our light shine the world is more beautiful, yet if we think or feel that we own this light it becomes harsh and destroys.
– Goodness is what we want. We want goodness to flow into our lives and, in truth, everyone wants goodness to flow from them into other’s lives as well. We do not have the power to give if we think it comes from us, yet if we do not realise that it is in our power to give of that flow which creates us we become crabby and goodness departs.
A friend commented on the ‘head and two hands’ nature of the sketch. That would leave Goodness in our right hand, Truth in our head and Beauty in our left hand. Given the association of left-handedness with creativity, I am happy with that. All such patterns of association are, of course, ephemeral.  Yet they do add to the mythos.
Did you notice the T ?
The Cross on the Hill is the reminder that if we reject suffering we reject truth, beauty and goodness also. We need to be able to sit, quietly, with our pain. Pain is the other side of the coin of joy. Fighting our pain at least doubles our suffering. Accepting it allows it to pass through our lives, leaving the joy behind.
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