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Beginning to Play

First steps into play with a Sounding Bowl focus on listening. Listen to each note, each string in turn and decide, for today which note or string best pleases you. Nothing hangs on which one you choose, this is play,…

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Tunings and Scales

All Sounding Bowls come with a chart showing a wide variety of tunings. If you are unfamiliar with different scales, notes and tunings read on from here. Pentatonic scales: Many cultures from the far past right up to the present…

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Some Basics of Music

Music is sound given order. Notes are the first ordering, purifying sound into individual pieces and harmonic sets. The notes of the traditional scale are created by changing the length of an open string by touching it. A centre touch,…

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Tones, Modes and Moods.

Sounding Bowls with 12 strings or more have the flexibility of tuning that makes exploring modal music easy. To gain a feeling for a mode all you have to do is play spontaneous composition based around a key note. Because…

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