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Light in the Heart-wood Announcing…


Joe Hornby at work on the 500th Sounding Bowl.
A new milestone, made from fork-figured Walnut.

We chose a piece of Wonderful Walnut with Wings for our 500th Sounding Bowl. Joe Hornby has been turning, sanding and fitting copper tubes ready to create a 15 string Lyre Bowl that will stun you with its dramatic grace.

500 making

Listen to a previous 15 string Lyre Bowl
You can get some idea of the winged figure that graces this piece from the photo at top where Joe is applying the first coat of oil or here just before second coat.
There are many stages still to complete, but I invite you to imagine the full glory of the figuring and colour from these initial glimpses.
This will be a memorable classic among Sounding Bowls, half our first century as well as stunning grain and that rich Walnut sound making a splendid present for someone with taste.


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When dark shines around us
When fear holds many hostage
When the sound of the Heart
Rings the soul in silence

There each flame of hope
A candle in the winter wind
Must light the world with care
And the sound of the Heart
Leaping from string to string
As flame-like finger alights
And darting resonance surrounds
The heart that awakens in the dark

Reminding each one-string of us
We are alone until we play
Then each note with another creates
New harmonies, a future song

New Vimeo Upload

235 playing dot4

When Tobias gave a presentation to the Soul Midwives group this month he played Amazing Grace on a little 7string Melody Bowl in Cherry.
Sensing a deep relevance for her work, one of the group asked Tobias if he would record it.
Yancy Hilton, a new apprentice has experienced videography skills that have taken our presentations to a new level creating a video with a dreamy quality I am sure you will enjoy.


378 Low cut copy

Is another place we post compositions on Sounding Bowls.

Today we loaded two pentatonic themes up there, one is the sound track from Amazing Grace, above.

The other is the famous “Sailing to Mingulay” with Tobias’s lovely variations unfolding within it.

At present there are also some tree talks on our Soundcloud page.

Have a listen, let us know what you think.
more music


A weekend workshop
of Transformational Story Work:


Paul Jackson
& ‘Merlin’ (Sounding Bowl 416)

B&W Teller on the Journey web

Our latest DVD ROM

Compilation - Rafael email

DVD ROM, Woodturning skills.
Before dedicating his life to Sounding Bowls Tobias was an internationally renowned woodturner teaching skills in his workshop, writing for woodworkers magazines and demonstrating advanced skills at conferences. During this time a set of instructional video tapes was created that set out the development from basic skills to advanced understandings of wood and how to turn it. These received excellent reviews including “His demonstrations and explanation of where a cut actually occurs and the interplay between the tool’s edge, it’s bevel and the timbers fibres is nothing short of masterful.” In Practical Woodworking. All these tapes, over 3 hours of material have now been condensed onto one DVD ROM which plays in PC or Mac but not in most domestic DVD players. This format allows far more material than most DVDs including many printable guides on sharpening, projects and materials. Once selling in their thousands for £40 the set this little disc now contains them all for a mere £12.50 & p&p at basic rate

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