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The Chaos of Change


Jan 22 2020

Chaos of stipple-carving on base of a Sounding Bowl

Change radiating from a foot-point

Change is accelerating all around us. Gone is any idea that things might return to normal. “Normal” is what is driving this change.

Machines have a tick-over or standby setting. Nature never did. The idea that Nature is a stable system was actually created in the mid 20th century to allow mathematical modelling. Like any growing body Nature is in constant change and we, her latest ‘child’ are very much part of that change.

In us Nature has supported unique levels of awareness that she and we together are currently transmuting into self-awareness. Our trick now, is now to learn how to live in harmony with change and not demand the safe and the known. Who are you when everything you know is changing?
What if that is the key?

For me, personally, 2019 was a huge experience. Truly a year of two halves.

My plan to write the book was put aside in the face of a flurry of orders for the biggest and best Sounding Bowls we ever made and we were hard at it from Jan to June. An exciting time. Check out the Swansong Bowl here.

In July everything fell off a cliff. It was very weird for me. My last trainee left on his own mission, WOMAD, the biggest show I ever did yielded not one single sale or commission and left me wiped out like never before. August was worse. September a new apprentice did a week trial then chose a different course. Joe, who was going to return to help train him, had a car accident and though whole and well decided not to return, leaving me “alone and weary.” I watched in amusement as October rolled on, and my reserves plummeted, wondering what Spirit had in store for me.

Also in October my beloved life-partner sold the house we were living in and by Dec we’d moved into the studio over the workshop. You may be wondering where this is going. So was I. At times it is good simply to offer up one’s life. My god is Love, Christ. Anything and everything is a journey towards Love. I celebrate the journey. Whether this being our 33 year had anything to do with this, I do not know.

The next piece of the puzzle is Eilean Drysdale, a healer in Worcestershire, England. Eilean has been using the harmonic, amplifying power of her Sounding Bowl to amplify the divine intention in each case. Her guides tell her not to try to heal any illness or issue, only to help reconnect a person to their divine being and divine purpose in life. People suddenly find their mojo, lose weight, get better jobs, resurrect their marriages AND feel better. Eilean asked me to go up and talk to the group she is training. To my great surprise and delight, three of them were keen to invest in a Sounding Bowl. My divine purpose reconnected. No foreclosure. Since then more people have found their way to the website, or studio and chosen or commissioned bowls to invigorate their own divine connection.

2019 was also the year I met Dannii Evans, international music and sound promoter. Dannii fell in love with Sounding Bowls and together with her brother, the respected filmmaker, Paul Evans we have created a beautiful new 3min epic to guide you into the story of, the true being or divine nature of Sounding Bowls. Watch it on the home page.

So 2020 is a new story. Unfolding the unknown. Chaos and order leading us forward. Sounding Bowls is relaunching into the performers world and creating musical instruments for people in all countries. Watch out for our new Instagram feed and share your music with us. You will see some wonderful new instruments emerge from various workshops. And who knows. You might even see “The Book of the Sounding Bowl” completed and reaching the world.

Since 2009 when I first took apprentices I have also been invited by various centres to give courses to bring understanding of Sounding Bowls, their nature and potential. These will be fewer with us now living in the studio over the workshop, but I have promised you Feb15/2020 and, if you can get away from your lover for that day, I will lead you through the Mystery that is Sounding Bowls and help you connect with the remarkable spirit and healing powers that lie behind them.

People go away from these days changed. The workshop offers: meditation, sound, image, touch and sacred information that unlocks the music that has formed your body and is informing your life. Bring yourself into harmony with this and the conflict drops away.

This workshop supports your personal gifts to manifest in harmony with this world.

Please join us.   Book here.    See event on Facebook

The future is here now.  We are already the change we hoped for, or feared. The harmony we sought in our lives is challenged more and more by the turmoils of the world. What can we do?
Sounding Bowls offer you deeper and easier meditation.

Sounding Bowls offer you live, home-made music – yes you can.

Sounding Bowls are an example of sight, sound and touch brought into harmony and can work as a seed-point for harmony to grow in your life.

Make no mistake, your inner peace will be challenged in 2020. That is the task of the world, to help you strengthen peace, love and wisdom within you by challenge. So, actively refresh your true, deep soul. The world needs us.



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