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A Tiny sample of Feedback from Spiritual Coaching.

Coaching is not like teaching, which tends to be top-down. Coaching is about bringing out the skills you already have, actualizing your potential. The one being coached is frequently more skilled than the coach. As you see in sport, even top players have a coach. Knowing the paths-of-improvement and being skilled at what you do are not the same thing, plus, we all need a mirror that is capable of reflecting our finer self back to us.

I was not going to do a Testimonials page, but in the end it seemed fair. How are people to have any idea what learning with me might be like otherwise?

Here are the comments from a few students receiving mentoring from me.


I’ve talked with Tobias only a couple of times. But, I must admit, those couple of talks were more profound and deeper than a dozen of talks with someone else. So, I must say, if it is not too much, that I know him pretty well, although on a deeper level. Because he brings up those depths in every conversation by his very presence. I feel like I’ve learned so much from him, but not just from his words, but from his very Being. – Milan Pavlecevic


Tobias is a powerful teacher, willing to share his humanity openly and honestly. In our time together, I felt seen and heard to a depth which I had not previously experienced. Each day in my training was powerful and fittingly adapted to my needs, encouraging me to open my mind and heart as much as I was able to, without forcing. His consciousness is razor sharp, which sets a high standard, but tempered with a heartfelt intuition that always knows when to lean in or pull back. I can’t imagine another scenario where I could have learned so much, felt so much, and been understood so deeply. I am eternally grateful.  – James Dykstra


The seven-exercises-evenings gave me some of the most precious understandings and  practices. These steadily impacted my self-awareness in the now, truly self-present spiritual relationship,  with myself and others.
For instance, I moved from hiding behind a generic “someone” or “you” to courageously say “I”. Tobias’s genuine openness of heart encouraged this “I” to emerge and flourish within the group.
I learnt to better express my feelings and thoughts as  being worthy of sharing. I am most grateful.
This is one of many lessons I took with me. I feel, in my inner world, as tough my soul has had food, spiritual food. I find it truly amazing what we can learn, just by sharing experiences with an open heart, always, in Christ’s Love.   –  Maria Helena Correa daSilva


The group work, under Tobias’ guidance, helped me to understand the beauty and complexity of human interaction. Not through intellect but the simple practice of being present with one another. Starting to become aware of what hinders me from being present was an integral part of that understanding. I experienced Tobias in a posture of gently holding the group, whilst being attentive to bring the group back to centre, if and when needed. The group felt like a safe place to open up and explore the inner realms. Thank you to Tobias and the group.   –  Masha


Working with Tobias – or just being accompanied by him in life’s intricate learning pathways – is a profound blessing that allows our inner master reveal him/herself.
Tobias’ words and presence have blessed my life more than words can convey. His guidance, generosity, deep listening skills and uncanny way to convey anthroposophical teachings and integrate them – in a simple, yet beautiful and profound way – in daily life leave a unique fine print into the heart. He ‘walks the talk’ as his being embodies Steiner’s teachings and the Christ’s message of love.
Despite his vast knowledge and his remarkable contribution to humanity through the musical arts, he is humble and sensitive to life and generous with those who approach him. It is said that his singing bowls and music are healing instruments, but so is the warmth of his teachings and heart. I am sure anyone having the privilege to work with or together with him will begin a pathway of transformation.   –   Johana MC


Tobias is a human being who is capable of truly human encounters. During conversations, he enters into and supports the stream of one’s mission of self-development, if one is awake to that possibility. This is a blessing, because it allows for one to experience Tobias as someone who is truly there for oneself in a meaningful, spiritually transformative way. …
Tobias is able to consciously offer another human being an opportunity to witness themselves in an unbiased light. He is a kind, bright, generous, and wisely loving human being.   –  Lucien Lazar


I spent several weeks living with Tobias in his workshop. I experienced someone who is truly living in the light of the Spirit in all aspects of his life. For me, his teaching was witnessed through action of his work, interaction with others and nature, and his humour for life, though we did also have more direct ‘teacher – student’ times. Anthroposophy lives through Tobias in a way where others may simply ‘enjoy’ the knowledge of it. He practically applies all aspects in his everyday life, and his relish for discovery and re-discovery never ceases to refresh all those who are around. I found a centred presence that gave guidance when needed, had weight and a light touch when applicable. For anyone who is looking to give meaning to the frustrations of life and find a practical spiritual path that can be grounded in the world of everyday reality, I have no doubt that Tobias can give you the tools to build that road.

– Barnaby Hornsey-Pennell

I, Tobias, am offering a free, one-hour conversation to anyone who wants to explore commitment to this course. Face2Face or screen-to-screen. Email me to book

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