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Further Inspiration

Further Inspiration

Why do this course?

Meeting another human being is the best, and the most difficult, part of being in this earthly life.

In each meeting we can encounter our entire Self, the whole Cosmos, in the mirror of the Other. There is no deeper path of spiritual development than meeting and working with our fellow human beings.

Awakening to this path is easier if those we meet have the same goals. There we realize that Love is the attention we give to the people we meet.

The entirety of Rudolf Steiner’s teaching is available through this moment. If we give our whole attention to: How do I meet you? How do I learn to see your individual beauty? How do I actually work alongside you? It all unfolds in that space.

This course will be held in circles. This is not a lecture-course: Yes, we will cover the major wonders of the spiritual cosmology Anthroposophy offers, Yes, we will do art and movement together, Yes, we will work in nature alongside each other. All of this will be keyed into meeting each other as equal seekers in the mystery of life.

The exercises and meditations for unfolding our spirit-being into our daily life, that also form part of this course, will be supported by our sharing of the individual challenges and progress these will engender.

Time, Space and Relationship are the three pillars of incarnate life. Each is formed of Love. Those who bring their search to this course will uncover the love that formed and drives them.

“The basis of all that will unfold in Humanity in the future will be the acknowledgement, not merely in theory, but in practice, that every human being is made in the likeness of the Godhead.
“Spiritual Science for the spirit, freedom of worship for the soul, brotherhood for the bodily life, – this resounds like cosmic music through the work wrought by the angels in the astral bodies of human beings.” –  Rudolf Steiner,  9 Oct 1919   (my italics)


“Perhaps for some it is a hard lesson, for others it is second nature: The Name of God and one’s own name, which are both lost in incarnation, can only be rediscovered in community wherein, wherever two or three people are gathered together, love and trust create a bond which enables the Lost Word and our own names to be discovered and carried by each other, as it were, syllable by syllable.  N.V.P. Franklin in ‘Freemasonry and Rudolf Steiner’

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